Achieve Sales Conversions Through Your Messaging

Achieve Sales Conversions Through Your Messaging

Sales Conversions

Are you looking to achieve sales conversions?

Sales conversions is the primary thing business owners strive to achieve, whether it’s online or offline (I’ll only focus on the online aspect within this post).

Businesses grow when there is enough revenue coming in!

For this happen, businesses need to have a solid marketing process on the front-end in order to attract interest and quality leads, which will then trigger sales conversions down the line. The key thing that can help any business achieve positive results through their marketing efforts is their messaging.

Most business owners have been led to believe that it’s all about the tools (i.e. software, apps, etc) when it comes to online marketing and sales conversions, and based on that perception, they spend long hours trying to figure out the technical processes surrounding these tools. This then creates confusion, overwhelm, and stress!

Don’t get me wrong, these tools are needful if one’s looking to create effective funnel systems that will bring about sales conversions, however, this should not be the starting point. Everything starts and ends with your messaging!

What you say, who you say it to, and how you say it will determine how people will respond. When you’re able to convey a message that will touch on their needs/wants, then be rest assured that you’re going to get some positive responses.

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How do you begin?

In order for this to work, you have to spend a time to carry out some research on the issues (or problems) your ideal clients/customers are facing. What’s keeping them up at night? What’s that frustration they have? These knowledge will give you ideas on how to structure your message, which will lead towards sales conversions.

People only care about their problems, and that’s the reality of the world we’re living in today, and if you’re not addressing those problems, then they are not going to pay attention.

You can gather information within this context by asking the right questions on social media groups, forums, etc. You can also create polls and/or surveys, and gather the responses from those interested in taking part. The more information you’re able to gather, the more you’ll understand the situation, and how to approach them with a solution.

Putting your message together

Messages with a good structural approach are more likely to bring in more sales conversions, as opposed to ones that are just thrown out there for the sake of it.

When relaying your message through your networks, you have to be “intentional“, and by that I mean having a purpose behind the messaging. You have to think about the end result, and structure your message in way that will bring you closer to your set goals.

You can also look at what others within your niche are doing (or saying) and then use an entirely different approach. Saying the same thing other businesses are saying will place you within the same rating level (in the mind of the prospect) as those businesses.

Whether it’s your sales page, landing page, blog, website, email, or report, the messaging within any of these mediums should lead the consumer towards making a decision to buy something from you, either immediately or down the line (depending on how your funnel process is setup).

Integrate the necessary hot buttons, and create a scenario within your messaging that will help the consumer comprehend the information with less resistance, and also see the value in what you’re saying.

Conveying your message

There are several ways you can convey your message to the right audience, and you have to stick with the ones that work best for you (i.e. you have to test to see how people respond). Trying to use every medium just because most people are doing it will not help you in any way (this hinders progress).

Look for the most effective mediums of communication and use them to send your message out. You can use any of these mediums:

  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • Email
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Downloadable files (e.g. ebook)
  • Funnels (Ads, landing/sales pages, etc)

I could say “use the one that you’re most comfortable with”, but that could turn out to be the worst advice, because, when it comes to sales conversions, it’s not about what you’re comfortable with, it’s about what’s working (that’s why it’s necessary to test things out, and track results).

There are business owners who dread selling, but at the end of the day, they need to sell if they want to stay afloat. Don’t do what makes you comfortable, do what helps your business grow.

If you need help in this area, then hire an expert to help you out (especially with the technical side of things).


Remember that the messages you put out for public consumption are not based on what you think people would need/want, but based on what they actually tell you they need/want (either directly or indirectly). Even though the message is coming from you, it’s not about you, but about them.

Sales conversions come about when people see the value in the message that’s being presented to them. If the message resonates with them, then they are going to decide to take action!

Your turn… does your messaging trigger sales conversions for your business?

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Thanks for reading… to your success!

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