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Gain access to online marketing tips and strategies that are not available to the general public.

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Remove all the confusion and struggle while trying to put your thoughts/action plans together.

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It's one thing to try doing things by yourself, but it's another thing when it's a collective effort. That's what this training is all about!

Create a system

Learn how to save time and money by creating an effective system.

Get results

Implement your funnels effectively, and start seeing desired results.

Simplistic approach

Find out what you need to focus on the most, and how to keep it simple.

Facebook Ads

Gain more insight on how to create quality Facebook Ads that convert.

Sales funnels

Get results driven funnel systems designed for your offers

1-on-1 coaching

Access exclusive (& discounted) 1-on-1 strategy sessions.

6 weeks kickstarter training program outline

 Week One – Content Structure:

This will be the opening of the program. We’ll start by diving into content structure, why this is important, and what makes people buy. Without an effective content strategy in place, it’d be tough to achieve conversions.

Week Two – Fundamental Funnels:

This is when we will look into the 3 main types of funnels you need to have on your website, how to set them up, and where to set them up. This will be broken down into simple steps to enable you grasp the whole concept.

Week Three – Marketing:

During this week we will look at the best ways to market your products/services in order to drive traffic to your website. We’ll look at paid and organic marketing processes, and when to use them within your business for maximum results.


Week Four – Sales Sequence:

This will be focused on getting sales conversions. Will also examine 3 key ways to drive in sales, without breaking the bank. Getting this aspect right is crucial to the success of your business, in terms of money coming in.

Week Five – Growth Strategy:

Getting the first sale is one thing, keeping it consistent is another. During this week we’ll look at client/customer retention strategies, in order to help you build recurring revenue. This is where the big money is made.

Week Six – Review & implementation:

Everything you will access from week one will include practical steps, to ensure you take action immediately after each session. During the final week (i.e. week six) we’ll review the whole process to see your results and then tweak what needs to be tweaked.

Available packages



(Approximately $275 USD)
  • 6 weeks kickstarter training
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Support group access on Facebook
  • Extra Skype sessions after main training
  • Limited access to PDF downloads
  • 10% discount on future programs/courses
  • Done for you services discounts*



(Approximately $694 USD)
  • 6 weeks kickstarter training
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Support group access on Facebook
  • 3 extra Skype sessions after main training
  • Access to PDF downloads
  • 30% discount on future programs/courses
  • Done for you services discounts*



(Approximately $1,450 USD)
  • 6 weeks kickstarter training
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Support group access on Facebook
  • 6 extra Skype sessions after main training
  • Access to PDF downloads
  • 50% discount on future programs/courses
  • Done for you services discounts*

Please note: the figures in USD are only approximations. There is a chance that it could be higher or lower depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Who's running the show?

How the idea for ‘Conversions Engine’ came about!

Hi, my name’s Otoabasi Umonting, and I’ll share how I was able to transition from doing things manually to focusing more on strategic automation processes…

In 2011, I decided to quit my job as a fish monger and shop floor assistant at a local supermarket in London where I live, to go full time as an Entrepreneur (I was doing it part time while working). I dabbled into network marketing, affiliate marketing, ebook self-publishing and selling, and WordPress website design.

Even though I enjoyed doing some of these things, I was burning out, because of the amount of work involved, and the time I needed to put in to make things work for me. What I needed was a simpler approach.


In 2013, while working on a website for a startup I’d partnered with back then, I created a workflow timeline, which highlighted how our video production services were delivered. It was a super simple process. A few months later, that simple timeline won us a $70,000 contract (the client said that timeline was what attracted them to us, and why they decided to work with us).

That got me thinking… this was only a diagrammatic representation of a funnel; not an actual funnel. It was simple, easy to follow and projected the end result. Based on that knowledge, I was able to come up with a system that enable business owners create an effective automated funnel system within their business.

But there’s a problem… even though it’s simple for me, most business owners tend to fall behind when it comes to techie stuff, regardless of how well they know their business. So I decided to teach the system and also help those who needed help to set theirs up. Through the years of running my business online, I’ve come to realise one truth… no matter how simplified technical things are made to be, there are people who still prefer not do it themselves.

The Conversions Engine is mainly an automated funnel system geared towards creating a unique experience for a business’s target market. Today, I enjoy teaching other business owners how this works; especially those who are looking to double their online conversions (i.e. more leads and more sales).

Otoabasi is knowledgeable and creative. He is determined to provide training sessions that will benefit all those who study and follow his work.

Joseph Botelho

Otoabasi is a marketing guru with visionary ideas and the ability to articulate complicated ideas clearly and elegantly.

Bobby Brenan

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