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Would you like me to personally show you (step by step) how to create your very own Signature Service, and how to use it to attract high paying clients?

If you are a service provider (consultant, coach, adviser, freelancer, etc), then this information is specifically for you.

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From the desk of: Otoabasi Umonting, London, UK.

July 20th, 2017


Dear friend,

I’m on a mission to help only 10 service providers who are fast action takers and serious individuals looking to…

  • Raise their fees without feeling intimidated or weird
  • Market their business effectively online, without being pushy
  • Only work with a handful of clients each month, at a higher fee
  • Get rid of billable hours for good, and leverage their time more effectively
  • Spend more time doing what they enjoy doing, while still delivering results for clients
  • Spend time with their family and loved ones, without thinking about business
  • Build a business that money works for them, rather than them working for money
  • Stay healthy and avoid burnout

If any of the above resonates with you, then here’s what I’m going to do for you, if we get to work together:

  • Help you narrow down on who you are truly meant to serve
  • Help you figure out your prospects core pain points, using my “Depth Method”
  • Help you narrow down on your money skill(s), to avoid overwhelm
  • Help you create a high ticket Signature Service from scratch
  • Show you how to create high converting funnels
  • Give you tips and ideas on how to drive traffic to your offer (free & paid)
  • Show you how to leverage your time via a group training format

We will spend time together in a group format to go through these processes and you will also get feedback and answers to questions you may have.

Why Am I Doing This?

There’s a rise in competition and saturation within the service based industry. A lot of service providers are selling themselves short by competing on price. Some are undercharging and overworking themselves, which often leads to burnout.

Building a profitable service based business is not as easy as it sounds, but if you are willing to put in the work and follow the proper roadmap, then you stand the better chance of excelling as time goes on.

You may have a lot of ideas and tactics in the bag on how to get clients, but if you don’t have a clear direction on who exactly you are meant to serve, you’ll be going against people who are bent on getting those same clients at a fraction of what you want to charge.

Getting yourself caught up in the commodity circle is not going to help your business grow in any way.

You need to have a Roadmap (blueprint), if you want positive results!

The reason most service providers struggle is because they do not have a clear focus on the services they are meant to offer. Most people throw several services at prospects, thinking that by doing so, the prospect will appreciate their many skills!

Well, it’s actually the other way round. When you give too much information, you are making things more complicated and confusing for the prospect, which will lead to indecision; which means zero sales.

But when you know how to narrow things down, and only offer a core service that speaks to the specific pain point your prospects have, then you are going to win them as clients. That’s why it’s important to have a Signature Service!

I’ve been able to win high paying clients, not because I know too much, but because I’ve been more focused. Having a Signature Service helps you create a “Client-centric” business.

But the truth is, I’ve made several mistakes in the past before getting to this level. I used to spend time working on projects I did not want to do; sometimes I’d lower my frees, because I needed money fast.

But that’s not a worst part… I was always selling myself short by giving free services, and would take on any client and any project (I was desperate). The reason for this was because I allowed the need for money become my focus, as opposed to the need to offer the best services to my clients.

If you are on that boat right now, I want to help you come off it for good!

Here’s how this will work…

In order to help you achieve results, I’m looking to work with only 10 service providers who are either just starting out, or already have a list of services they are providing, but need direction on how best to market themselves and win clients.

This is going to be a closed group setting, which makes it easier to ensure everyone who comes on board is well taken care of. I will give you guidelines and pull back the curtain on my “Depth Method” strategy to finding out pain points from prospects.

I will also show you how to…

  • Name your Signature Service in an appealing way
  • Create brand authority
  • Use social media to build influence, even if you’re brand new
  • Properly price your Signature Service (there are 3 components to this)
  • Write appealing copy, that projects your knowledge and expertise

The primary focus here will be to get you started with the right information, ideas, tools, strategies, and roadmap.

If you are already an experienced service provider with a Signature Service, then this is NOT for you. It’s also NOT for you if you are prone to excuses, and unwilling to follow directions, or implement what you learn.

When are we kicking off?

We will kick off as soon as we get the 10 people in place (i.e. after having an initial Skype session to discuss if this is a good fit). This program will run for 6 weeks. We will hold 2 live group calls per week (see the break down below).

  • Group call days – Mondays and Fridays (90 mins each)
  • Mondays = Training; Fridays = Q&A and Review
  • 6 training calls, and 6 Q&A/review calls
  • Personal 1-on-1 coaching with me via Skype
  • Blueprint and worksheets to use
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Email support

The goal here is to ensure you have a Signature Service up and running by the end of this program. You will be expected to take action, hence the review call sessions (I want people who are willing to work).

The cost to gain access to this program is only $997, and this is mainly on a first come first serve basis. Remember, there are only 10 spots available.

As a BONUS, I will give you two extra 60 minutes coaching session after the program (value $500).

If you’d like to join me and access all the things I’ve carefully outlined here, then…



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