Are You Open To Discover How To Effectively Automate Your Marketing & Sales Processes Online, In Order To Get A Quality Lead Flow & Double Your Sales?


This is a non conventional Strategy Session for frustrated Businesses who are tired of wasting time, money and effort on marketing & sales processes that do not bring in desired R.O.I.
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From the desk of: Otoabasi Umonting

Founder/CEO – Bygfut Media Limited

London, United Kingdom. June 25th, 2017

Dear Friend,

as you already know, there is an increase in the usage of online mediums by businesses, all in the bid to acquire more leads and potentially generate sales down the line.

This has caused a huge setback for businesses that are either inexperienced when it comes to strategic digital marketing, or do not have sufficient budget to compete as they would have liked to.

This dilemma has caused most of these businesses to resort to massive cut backs on pricing and man power.

Do any of these situations describe what you are going through in your business?

Are you constantly struggling to generate leads and boost your sales?

If yes, then there’s a problem within your marketing and sales process that needs fixing.

You’ve been told that by getting a website, doing SEO, blogging every week, posting everyday on social media, and doing all other kinds of content marketing, the results will pour in. But nothing seems to be working.

Why is that?

It’s because these 2 things are missing from the equation…

  1. A dynamic marketing and sales process that can help double your sales
  2. The knowledge and skill-set to actually implement the process

In order to make head way, you need a systematic approach, not a tactical one. Something that makes you stand out from a crowded marketplace and position you as the Trusted Expert (or business) within your niche.

The aim of this session is mainly for me to…

…sit down with you (virtually or in person – depending on location) in order to find out these loop holes within your marketing and sales processes, and point you in the right direction.

I call this session “The Extraction Process”

This is NOT a free consultation… if that is what you were expecting, then I’m sorry you are in the wrong place. There’s a fee involved (click to learn more).

Based on what I gather from you, I will work with you to setup a blueprint of operations in order for you to start implementing the right strategies.

This will help boost sales for your business without getting overwhelmed with too much information (we don’t do information overload… we believe in being straight forward and practical).

Before I go further, let me quickly introduce myself…

My name is Otoabasi Umonting — Founder/CEO of Bygfut Media Limited, Automated Funnels Strategist, Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author.

I specialize in helping business owners build effective marketing systems that will help them drive sales and boost revenue, regardless of competition and market saturation.

This is achieved through my coaching programs and hands-on done for you services. I always endeavor to work closely with my clients (mainly in a group format), to ensure they achieve the results they desire.

My knowledge, skills, and expertise are nothing compared to the look of satisfaction on the faces of my clients. I feed off gratitude, and it gives me joy to help people when I can.

Would you like to be the next person I help?


Who’s Exactly Right For This?

I’m often super selective about who I spend time with.

I have to be… for two reasons:

  • Time is needed to discover the needs within a business. I don’t believe in pushing fluff towards people who actually need help. This is a commitment between 2 professionals… your investment + my time = solution(s).
  • You’re going to get a lot of personal attention from me. I see it more as a partnership of some sort. It’s not about throwing information at you and leaving you confused. It’s about working with you to find answers.

That’s why access to this session is strictly limited to ONLY decision makers.

Here’s Who I Will Give Access

First of all, if you are open to a different perspective to see if you are grappling with your marketing and sales processes online, then you might just be the right candidate.

In addition to that, this session is ideal for…

  • Any business owner, or sales/marketing professional (service provider) who relies on having direct interactions with clients in order to generate revenue
  • Any business owner or service provider interested in rising above the limitations of the ineffective methodology of getting new clients such as proposals and free consultations
  • Any business owner or service provider sick and tired of having to compete on price. Who always ends up attracting prospects who are only shopping around for the “cheapest prices” (you don’t want to waste your time with these lot)
  • Any business owner or service provider who feels “stuck.” You’re doing everything you’ve been told are the “right things”… but you’re not seeing the results you expected
  • Any business owner or service provider already getting good results with their marketing… but only achieve that through constant stress and struggle. Things are working for you, but you feel like you’re always struggling to get there
  • Any business owner or service provider too busy working in your business, as opposed to spending time to work ON your business.

What’s The Investment To Have This Session?

It won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

I’m going to spend time with you to really dial in on the issues you are facing with your marketing and sales processes, and also show you, step-by-step, the exact system I’ve used for my clients…

… a system that can help boost your sales through effective and predictable means.

Compared to your potential return on investment, the fee to access this Extraction Process strategy session with me a pretty much a giveaway.

If I had my way, I’d charge at least 4 figures for this, because I prefer to work with people who are serious and also ready to get things done… they are action takers not bystanders.

If you do get selected to access this session with me, you’re not going to invest anywhere near a 4 figure mark.

The fee for this strategy session is only $250.

I hope that investment isn’t going to be a problem for you? Here’s what one client said…

Based on what I know now… if I were presented an opportunity like this and I didn’t have the money… I would do EVERYTHING I could to access it.

Here’s the simple truth… no matter how hard you listen, study, and dedicate yourself, when it comes down to the implementation aspect, it’s a different ball game (that’s why many people struggle).

If it’s just free information you’re after, then it’s always good to visit “Google” to do some research.

If I accept your application to have this session with me, I’ll be 100% totally committed to your success (that’s why I work with very few people).

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now…

You’ll pay a non-refundable fee of $250 (click here to make payment), and then you will be redirected to fill out an application form.

(This fee tells to me that you’re serious and worth consideration, not only for this strategy session, but also for my full coaching/training program I charge $3,500 for).

Within 24 hours, I will reach out to you via email to confirm that I have received your deposit and application; and then we’ll get on the call session on Skype (It will last for 60 minutes – max. 90).

If you and I both agree that my services are what you need, then I’ll invite you to become a client.

When that agreement is reached, we will then decide how you are going to balance $3,250 to make it a complete coaching package that will last for 8 weeks (+ 2 months free support afterwards).

If we agree that this is not for you, I’ll bid you good luck (there will be no refunds, because this session is pretty much a training and you will be given a blueprint to use at will in your business).


Let’s Wrap This Up…

If your application is accepted, you’ll will discover…

  • My complete 5 step process to targeting, attracting and converting quality clients to your business + my pdf report on this (this is a full training on its own – worth $2,000)
  • How to NEVER AGAIN waste time, money and effort on marketing and sales processes that don’t work (I will show you how to narrow things down and focus on predictable processes)
  • You’ll get a blueprint (pdf) of my conversions engine, which will show you how to setup automated funnels that only top level businesses are able to use and how they work (this will be emailed to you after the training – worth $499)

You’ll get MORE if you eventually become a client after this initial exclusive strategy session.


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