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Are You Looking To Build A New Website?

If YES, Then You Are In The Right Place. But Before We Get Started, Let’s Talk About YOU!

Do Any Of  These Describe You?

You have skills, and a vision to create something brilliant so you can boost your business or organisation. But you’re just frustrated because you can’t seem to get things moving.

You want a well designed website (something that stands out), but you don’t know how to get started, because you’re not a designer. You want to leverage your time and money, which means you want the website to work for you on autopilot, but you don’t know anything about setting up automated systems.

You don’t want the stress of trying to figure things out, you just want to get your business or organisation off the ground. But how in the world do you do that?

Here’s Where We Come In…

What We Do…

Offer a Premium WordPress web design service to suit your needs. If you want something more bespoke, we will work with you to create a design from the ground up (coded with your clients & brand in mind)

Give a FREE 60 mins Web Strategy session to talk deeper about your needs and how we can help (if you are not keen on doing this, then we can’t help you)

 Create a website layout wireframe mainly to show you why you need a “Sales Machine” as opposed to an “Online Brochure” (we aim to make our clients websites work very hard for them)

 Create a Website Design agreement for both parties to review and sign off (this is mainly to help solidify the relationship and build trust)

 Kick off your project once we have reached an agreement on the terms (we are focused on delivering on time and always urge our clients to give us ALL the resources we NEED before work commences)

What We Don’t Do…

Promise you Google page 1 rankings in 3 days (it’s not magic; if anyone’s promising you that, RUN!). Even if it were true, the bottom line is not the traffic you get from that, it’s the conversions (we only focus on the later!)

Promise what we can’t deliver on. Our goal is to ensure we provide our clients with the best services possible, however, there are things we can’t do. When we get to that point, we let our clients know ahead of time

Argue about design. If your main focus is on how gorgeous it should look, then we are not the right fit for you. We operate from both a marketing and design stand point; we start with strategy over design

Argue about Fees. We give our fees based on the kinds of projects we work on. The minimum we charge for a basic WordPress website design is $1,000 (if that doesn’t work for you, then we’re not your people)

Some Of Our Work

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Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of websites are lying dormant today, because majority of business owners and other key decision makers are failing to adapt to change. There is more to web design/development than just the design itself.

We now live in a time where people’s attention span is so short, and if your website does not answer their question(s), they leave. Our mission is to work with business owners (like yourself) and organisations to create not just a website, but an automated selling machine. If that sounds good to you, then let’s talk – click below!

Otoabasi Umonting – Founder/CEO, Bygfut Media Limited

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