3 Online Conversions Touch Points For Businesses

Want more online conversions?

Online marketing is no longer just an add on for businesses, but a necessity. Achieving online conversions for lead/sales is not a walk in the park; one needs to have the right approach and tools to achieve positive results.

Online marketing is mainly centered around speed, brand awareness on an international scale, and effective product/services positioning.

All of that boils down to one thing… CONVERSIONS!

If your online platforms (especially your website) are not bringing you desired online conversions, then it means there are key missing points/elements within your marketing systems.

In order to achieve positive results online, there are three (3) online conversions touch points you’ll need to work on. Let’s examine what they are:

#1. The Engagement Touch Point

This is the initial stage of the process, and it comprises of various communications channels. It all depends on your business, and what you’re looking to achieve.

Your engagement touch points can be formed within any of the four (4) communication areas below:

  • Text: this could be your blogs/articles, social media posts, etc
  • Video: this can be a mini training, webinar, Facebook live, etc
  • Audio: this can be a podcast, a recorded audio training, etc
  • Visuals: inforgraphics, mindmaps, charts, illustrations, etc

Using any of the above effectively online can increase your chances of attracting the right audience, which can lead to conversions down the line.

However, you’ll have to apply a lot of patience with this process, and be diligent in creating value based content, in order to boost engagement, create brand awareness, attract a good audience, and position yourself/business in trustworthy way.

#2. The Customer Journey Touch Point

This aspect deals with your marketing and funnel systems.

A lot of businesses are still struggling with this, especially with the increase in tools/software you can use to setup these systems. It can be an overwhelming and confusing experience.

In order to avoid any setback, it’s best to keep things simple, and focus your energy in creating systems that are effective, accessible, and functional. A cheesy marketing process and a broken funnel system can ruin things for any business.

If you want high online conversions via your funnel systems, then it’s best to think like the end user. How easy will it be for them to understand and access what you’re offering? If what you’re setting up is too complicated, then you’re going to have a lot of drop offs.

Here’s what to consider…

  • A strategic marketing process
  • A good landing page (preferably within your website)
  • Good copy (highlight the benefits)
  • Good lead capture form and call to action button
  • Mobile optimisation (get this wrong, and you’ll lose out)

If what you’re offering as a lead magnet carries value and it’s easy for the end user to access it, then they’re more likely to stick around, in order to learn from you.

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#3. The Revenue Touch Point

There are business owners who often feel uncomfortable when it comes to sales, but the truth is, without sales, there’ll be no revenue generated within your business.

It’s usually more difficult to achieve online conversions (i.e. sales), mainly because of things such as people not having enough trust for your business (this is where the “engagement touch point” comes in), or there’s too much hype and scams within your niche.

Generating revenue for your business online can take some time, but if you have all your systems and processes in place, then it’ll get you closer to that goal. You just need to be patient, consistent, and try as much as you can to avoid doing what everyone else within your niche is doing.

Use any of the following methods to achieve results:

  • Email sequences: this is mainly for those who signed up to get something from you. You can automate the process for a period of time, and measure the results.
  • Sale pages: unlike landing/squeeze pages, the primary purpose of this page is to sell something (i.e. product/service). If you want sales conversions, then make sure it’s properly setup with benefits focused copy, real testimonials/case studies, and your price or application form.
  • Webinars: in order for this to work, do your best to create webinars that are not ridden with sales pitches from start to finish. Instead, focus on delivering value upfront, and then invite those interested in working with you to apply for a mini session (this is where you close the sale). If you are selling a product (digital or physical), this process can still work, however, you have to be mindful of the fact that too much pitching will make your listener loose interest.
  • Memberships: you can create this for a group of people who are interested in being part of a community of like minded people. You can charge monthly or annually, and also provide monthly training for your members.
  • Mastermind: this is also a form of membership, but it’s more of a high level one, with a very small group of people (maximum 10) coming together to share ideas on how to scale their business.

[Update] Itamar Gero the founder of Siteoscope.com, has also written on this subject of online conversions. He’s put together an article titled: “Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate: 25 Effective Ways to Do It ” (click the link to check it out).


These three (3) touch points all work hand in hand. It’s more like a puzzle! If one piece goes missing, then the whole puzzle structure is ruined.

It’s important to master the art of effective communication online, and start creating contents, systems, and processes that will help you achieve your desired results online, regardless of competition or market saturation.

I hope this was helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and also share this to your social media networks using the buttons on this page.

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To your success!

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